Sunday, May 2, 2010

My 6 generation pedigree chart

Here is a link to my 6 generation pedigree chart back to my 32 Great Great Great Grandparents: Steven C Perkins' Pedigree Chart.

Surnames on this chart are Perkins, Shepard, Smith, Creekmore, Porch, Campbell, Osburn or Harrison, Walker, Bishop, Wiatt, Sullivan, Manning, Anderson, Moses, Richardson, Ball, May, Phipps, Davenport, Strunk, Pennington, David, Swain or DeSwain, Kidd, Bagley or Begley, Stephens, and Hayes.

Creekmore, Ball and May appear twice in the list.

Genealogy Brick Walls

My Brick Walls start to appear at the 5th generation back with some of my Great Great Great Grandparents.

  1. Who is Nancy Ann, the wife of Jabez Perkins? We know her name is Nancy Ann because she signed a release for the sale of land when they left Pulaski Co., KY and moved to Bureau Co., IL. Some people believe her family name is Creekmore, but I have found no contemporary evidence for that. After the death of Jabez a Nancy Perkins renounced her portion from the will. I assume she wanted her "widow's third" instead. I have not found any documents about the disposition of Jabez' estate either in Kentucky or Illinois court records. To further complicate the situation, one researcher told me there is a marriage license in Frankfort for Jabez Perkins and Nancy White dated just before his death. I have not seen that marriage license.

  2. Who is Elizabeth S., wife of William Campbell? She is Elizabeth S. in the Census and is named Elizabeth Osburn on the marriage certificate of their son Jasper Newton Campbell. I have been told her family name is Harrison or Osburn. Which is correct and who are her parents and siblings?

  3. Who is Charlotte, wife of William Ball? Who are her parents and siblings? I have her as a daughter of James Harvey May and Elizabeth King, but what is the documentation for that?

  4. Who is John D. Swain, or DeSwain, husband of Isabel or Nancy Swain? Deed records show his name in both ways. Who are his parents and siblings?

  5. Who is Isabel or Nancy Swain, wife of John D. Swain? Who are her parents and siblings?

  6. Who is Margaret Bagley, or Begley, wife of Elias Kidd. They were married in Tazewell Co., VA and then moved to Whitley Co., KY. Who are her parents and siblings?

  7. Who is Susan Hayes, wife of Zorababel Stephens? Susan was born in either NC or SC and lived in Claiborne and Fentress Co., TN. Who were her parents and siblings?

Any assistance will be appreciated.