Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Military Ancestors and Relatives

Vietnam Era:
I served in the Army Security Agency during the Vietnam War. I was stationed in Ft Devens, Massachusetts; Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland; Shemya Air Force Station on Shemya Island, Alaska; and TUSLOG Det-4 in Sinop, Turkey.

Korean War and World War II:
My father, Denval "Dennie" or "Dick" Perkins, served in the US Navy and saw combat in WWII and the Korean War. He was on several ships that were sunk, one being the USS Preston DD-379 which was sunk during the Second Battle of Guadalcanal or Third Battle of Savo Island. He served 17 years in the Navy. His younger brother, Ralph Carl Perkins, served 25 years in the Navy and retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer. He served in the Korean War and later was a Recruiter.

Two of my maternal Uncles served in WWII in the US Army, Arnold Dow Ball, and Homer Darus Ball. Both saw combat in France and Italy.

World War I:
My paternal grandmother's first husband, James Francis "Frank" Inman served in the US Army during WWI. I do not know if he saw combat. I haven't found any others with service during WWI.

Spanish American War:
None known.

Indian Wars:
None known.

US Civil War:
Several of my ancestors and their siblings fought for the Union during the US Civil War: my paternal great grandfather, Jesse Perkins; my paternal great great grandfather, Nathaniel F. Walker; my maternal great great grandfathers, James Ball; Jesse D. Swain; John Kidd.

Mexican-American War:
My maternal second great aunt's fiance, Reuben Meadors, was killed in the Mexican- American War.

War of 1812:
None known.

American Revolution - 
Paternal lines:

My fourth great grandfather, Timothy Perkins, and his brother, Joseph Perkins, who were from New Haven, Connecticut and lived in Ashe and Wilkes Co., North Carolina, were Loyalists in the American Revolution and they served in several South Carolina Militia companies, one of which was commanded by a Captain Benjamin Perkins. It is not known if he was a relative. Timothy was killed during the War. During the War the Perkins brothers supposedly captured a notorious American officer, Col Benjamin Cleveland, and locked him in an out-building while they went to get other Loyalists. It is said that their wives let him escape.

Fourth great grandfathers Henry Porch served from Virginia; and William Bishop; Samuel Wiatt served from North Carolina; James Sullivan, who later became a Methodist Circuit rider, served from Virginia as did his brothers, John Sullivan, and Charles Craven Sullivan; as did fifth great grandfathers John Bennett of North Carolina; James Whitecotton of Virginia; Joshua Moses served from North Carolina, was captured for nine months and escaped from a prison ship in Charleston Harbor, his brothers John Moses and Samuel Moses also served.

Maternal Lines:

The brother of my fifth great grandfather, Lt. James Ball of Virginia; fifth great grandparents Lt. Joshua Phipps of Virginia at Battle of Guilford Courthouse; Jeremiah Burnett of Virginia; James Harvey May of Virginia; Thomas Stephens of Virginia.

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